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Aral sea

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Environmental Issues : Aral Sea - Case study

Environmental Issues :

Aral Sea - Case study

. Was 4th largest inland sea in 1960's now 7 th largest

.situated between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan

> Due to irrigation (artificial watering of land )method of taking water from the rivers Amu Darya and the

Syr Darya

> This water was used by the Russians to feed the cotton fields that they owned

> cotton nicknamed ( WHITE GOLD ) because of its value on the market

> This lead to the Aral Sea shrinking and leading to desertification this making the climate begin to warm.

>This catastrophe lead to fish depletion in both stocks and species , work becoming scares and also drinking water becoming hard to find , because it became salt water .

> countries climate heating up because of less moisture

>5 year plan made by Russians before start of irrigation

> Kok Aral dam built in order to rehydrate the Aral sea and save it from becoming desert.

> North Aral is slowly recovering but nothing yet has been done for south Aral

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