Culture and Beliefs revision

This is revision for key words in terms of culture and beliefs


Culture and Belief notes

Norms - this is something that is considered normal in society. Normal can vary from different things. For example, being given a gift at Christmas. Norms in terms of culture is something that people in a culture see as normal and practical for everyday lifestyles.

Values - Values are seen as something that is important in perhaps your culture or just in general society. Something that is seen as valued. Values can vary in terms of importance

National - National means a subject of one main country. For example, if there was a national protest in the UK, it would mean that the protest is only happening in the UK

International - This means that it involves more than one country.

Socialisation - this is the process in which we learn and how we are taught. Primary socalisation would be how you are taught at a young age. Secondary socialisation is how you learn from different experiences further in your life.

Some cultures may be very different to each other. For example, the Amish culture involves in women and men having completely different gender roles and a completely different lifestyle to the Western culture we live in.

Bullfighting is also a prime example for different culture beliefs. It is a typical Spanish tradition and can be seen as a piece of 'theatre'. When Spain was a dictatorship, bullfighting was extremely popular. Nowdays, it is seen as more cruel and harsh to animals. However people still do have postive views on the sport.

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Environmental Issues

The world is full of environmental problems.

Rainforests particularly are under threat and wildlife.

Within the Amazon Rainforest, the Kayapo tribe live. They live by hunting, fishing and gathering food from the forest. A few crops are grown but not many. It is evidently shown that the Kayapo respect the environment. The body paint they use is made from plants, clean and orderly villagers have reduced waste and pollution and spare food is trade to reduce waste.

Comparing this type of lifestyle to the Western Culture is difficult; we drive around places which causes pollution, we cut down trees and we do not recycle as well as we should. These are only a few of the reasons we have strong environmental issues.

Campaigns such as Green Peace try to protect the environment and the damage that surrounds it. Some of the things Green Peace has done is end nuclear power generation, reduce the burning of fossil fuels and prevent genetically modified crops from being grown.

Alternative Energy sources - these are things which are renewed naturally such as solar energy and wind energy

Non Alternative energy sources would be things like coal and oil.

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