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Stereotypes: Case Studies Scapegoating:
Social Groups Toddlers ­ rude, Parents ­ boring, Elderly ­ inactive, Steve ­ I hope that the European Union doesn't get any bigger because aid is going
noisy, loud overprotective ill, quiet to the poorer members of states this means that the poorer areas of the…

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Nationalism and Imperialism has prompted countries to invade other countries as Discrimination is when prejudices are acted on and the attitudes become actions. It
they hold belief that they are superior to others for example Hitler who thought that exists in many areas of life and affects many kinds of…

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Stanley Milgram was a America psychologist that believed that Americans were less her class into two groups: browneyed and blueeyed people. For a day she told the
likely to obey evil orders than the Germans. In the 1960's he carried out a experiment blueeyed people that they were superior, as…

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attacked Jewish homes, businesses and synagogues across Germany. This night
became known as Kristallnacht (the Night of Broken Glass). The Jews were blamed
for the destruction caused and had to pay fines in order to repair the damage caused.
During the Final Solution Jews and other 'inferiors' were ordered into…

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citizens. Nearly a third of French Muslims are unemployed with a university education.

Case Study: Prejudice, discrimination and persecution have long been a part of human behaviour.
Gypsies have been victims of hatred and distrust for example in 1530 the Egyptians After the Holocaust the United Nations was formed one…

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and antiracist activity programme that tried to reduce racism and discrimination in the
EURO 2008. The FARE initiative at the UEFA European Championships was
headlined 'Unite Against Racism', these activities included:
pitch side advertising boards that said 'no to racism' messages that were
shown at every game
branded captain's armbands…

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black people and 10% white people. For a fixed period of time this meant that cricket
and rugby teams had to have a minimum number of black people. The quota system
had criticism as it only intends to exist until the 'playing field was level'.

Case Study: Preventing Discrimination Internationally…


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