Prejudice and Persecution Revision Notes

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Stereotypes: Case Studies Scapegoating:
Social Groups Toddlers ­ rude, Parents ­ boring, Elderly ­ inactive, Steve ­ I hope that the European Union doesn't get any bigger because aid is going
noisy, loud overprotective ill, quiet to the poorer members of states this means that the poorer areas of the UK are
getting less money.
Nationalities Spanish ­ pretty, Americans ­ lazy, Japanese ­ silk, Debbie ­ I know that many firms wouldn't have enough staff without European
outgoing, confident, rich, obese, peaceful, flowers, workers, I believe that they have the right to work and travel within the European Union.
flamenco business kimono Martina ­ I am a migrant worker from Slovakia and have only experienced ignorance
and prejudice as workers like me are paid below the minimum wage. If we complain
Occupational Builders ­ strong, Cleaners ­ poor, Lawyers ­ snobby,
the employers say we are troublemakers.
Groups whistling, skilled women, smoking, sly, serious,
It is a common problem as some minorities are the weakest groups in society with
no qualifications educated
less power to influence popular opinion. Unemployment, rising prices and disease are
Other stereotypes: some of the problems that have been blamed on minorities. The mass media helps
All blondes are dumb. form stereotypes and scapegoats.
All nurses are female. Scapegoating comes from a story in the Bible which tells that a High Priest would
All Muslims are terrorists. place his hand on a goats head and would 'transfer' the sins of people to the goat
which would then be released into the desert.
Tribalism can lead to fear, ignorance and superstition of other groups. It occurs when Many foreigners are blamed for 'stealing' money from the government through benefits
people come together in groups as they have a shared identity. This can be an ethnic however the average foreign worker earns about £2,000 a year more than a Britishborn
or religious groups or a group with strongly held beliefs such as football fans. worker according to figures this means that they are paying more taxes which the
Aggression often results from opposing attitudes. government uses in sectors as part of their funding.
Case Studies: Case Studies:
Spanish students on an exchange trip to taste British culture in Sheffield. They were Disabled children weren't educated alongside nondisabled children. There was
ambushed by a hooded gang who hurled bricks and bottles at them. educational segregation as there were separate schools for the crippled, deaf and
The leader of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, has frequently expressed the view that blind. Nowadays many are educated in mainstream schools. Disabled people were
homosexuals are 'worse than pigs and dogs' and have 'no rights at all'. He has prepared for jobs which paid less as they weren't considered capable of doing the
dismissed criticism of policies from the British government calling it 'gaymafia' and in same job as ablebodied people.
need of lessons on human reproduction. The Stolen Generation ­ Aboriginal children in Australia
In November 2007 a Year 9 Sikh student was excluded from school for refusing to Between 1900 and 1972 over 30,000 Aboriginal children were taken from their parents
remove a Kara bangle. Sarika Singh said the bangle was important to her as it was a by Australian authority, children were listed as 'full bloods' or 'mixed descent'. The
symbol of her religious faith. authorities considered parents incapable of raising their children in a civilised way. The
children were to be desocialised as Aborigines and resocialised as 'whites' and were
taken to a special camps and educated in English.

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Nationalism and Imperialism has prompted countries to invade other countries as Discrimination is when prejudices are acted on and the attitudes become actions. It
they hold belief that they are superior to others for example Hitler who thought that exists in many areas of life and affects many kinds of people.
German citizens were the 'Aryan race' and other people such as Jews were inferior.…read more

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Stanley Milgram was a America psychologist that believed that Americans were less her class into two groups: browneyed and blueeyed people. For a day she told the
likely to obey evil orders than the Germans. In the 1960's he carried out a experiment blueeyed people that they were superior, as they didn't wear a collar and were
to test people's willingness to obey orders. A thousand volunteers took part, they had allowed to do extra activities, like the browneyed people did.…read more

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Jewish homes, businesses and synagogues across Germany. This night
became known as Kristallnacht (the Night of Broken Glass). The Jews were blamed
for the destruction caused and had to pay fines in order to repair the damage caused.
During the Final Solution Jews and other 'inferiors' were ordered into overcrowded
ghettos which segregated them. Factories were built outside the ghettoes were
people were forced to work in the German industry.…read more

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Nearly a third of French Muslims are unemployed with a university education.
Case Study: Prejudice, discrimination and persecution have long been a part of human behaviour.…read more

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EURO 2008. The FARE initiative at the UEFA European Championships was
headlined 'Unite Against Racism', these activities included:
pitch side advertising boards that said 'no to racism' messages that were
shown at every game
branded captain's armbands
a Unite Against Racism message on very ticket (there were over a million
sold in total)
the Unite Against Racism logo was on steward and substitute bibs.…read more

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For a fixed period of time this meant that cricket
and rugby teams had to have a minimum number of black people. The quota system
had criticism as it only intends to exist until the 'playing field was level'.
Case Study: Preventing Discrimination Internationally and Globally
The European Union has launched these recent initiatives:
MTV competition for Diversity and Equality during 2007, the European year of Equal Opportunities for All.…read more


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