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Humanities Environmental Issues

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Key idea 1.1 What content do I need to know to revise these key idea
1. Culture and
beliefs What do I need to know to revise this key idea.
influence the Key Idea 1 must be explored through at least one case study. This case study m
ways in the way in which a group of people interact with the environment. This must includ
individuals, 1. The interaction of human activity with a large scale ecosystem, e.g. Tropical Ra
groups and
marine ecosystem (see attached case study)
perceive and To revise how humans interact with a large scale ecosystem
exploit natural important you revise the Amazon Rainforest case study.
2. The exploitation of natural resources, e.g., water, minerals and fossil
Fuels (see attached case study)
To revise how humans exploit a natural resource it is import
you revise the Aral Sea case study.
There are three main reasons to explain why environmental
issues are happening in present times:
There has been a massive increase in the world's population over the las
Scientific understanding and advanced technical skills have has result
of the world using a lot more technology in their daily lives. This has mean
use more natural resources e.g more raw materials (such as oil, coal and
take form the environment and use to make energy like electricity. When th
used they change the environment and create byproducts such as carbo
and toxic chemicals.
Many peoples desires and expectations for lives have changed. People wa
material things. While MEDCs have become richer those who live in LEDC
same lifestyle as people in MEDCs
Key idea 1.2 Key Idea 2 must be explored through at least one case study of an environm
Problems can relating to the way in which humans exploit there natural environment. This m
arise from the sustainable development explored through these issues.
different ways in This unit will be divided into 4 areas (see below): Conservation of the
which people environment, e.g., 1. Conservation global warming
want to use their
environment. endangered species, pollution, Renewable and nonrene
resources, Leisure and tourism
1. Conservation of the natural environment, e.g., global wa
and endangered species. Endangered species will be revised t
a case study (see attached 11.3. How do some species b

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Fish and marine life). For revision of Global wa
see the last two sections of the revision booklet.
2. Pollution. To revise pollution see attached case studyWh
pollution a problem? Pollution of the oceans case study.
Examples of past exam questions related to the unit.
"What are two causes of pollution?" Use your own studies to answer
1. ..................................................... (1 mark)
2. ....................................................... (1 mark)
"Explain how pollution can be reduced. Use your own studies to answer
3.…read more

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Reasonably efficient in the power needed to keep industry and transport gr
Disadvantages of using nonrenewable sources of energy?
Fossil fuels are running out (They take a long time to be created. Oil a
close to being used up, approx 6070s years. There is approx 200 years of
Fossil fuels cause pollution (Fossil fuels such as coal and oil produ
when they are burned for energy such as sulphur oxides. These gas
climate change and produce ACID RAIN.…read more

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The local ecosystem is damaged and environmental damage is widespread
Water in huge reservoirs is lost through evaporation, especially in hot coun
What is tidal power?
Tidal power is the use of tidal movements of the sea (waves) by converting wave
into electricity
What are the advantages of using hydropower?
Tidal power does not cause much pollution
What are the disadvantages of using hydropower?
Attempts to produce energy using tides and waves to drive turbines have n
very good results.…read more

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Some people think wind turbines ruin the landscape
The blades on wind turbines can kill birds
What is Biomass (power from plants)
Biomass is an energy source taken from organic matter. It is called bioenergy
What are the advantages of using Biomass/Bioenergy?
It create less pollution than fossil fuels
It is a renewable resource of energy
Bioenergy can provide heat, make fuels and generate electricity
There are many types of biomass we can use to make energy e.…read more

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In more detail....
1. Transport
Airports, roads, docks and rail terminals have to be built to accommodate to
More transport means more air pollution.
Aircraft and road transport produces carbon dioxide and microscopic carbo
Roads and airports take up land and change the ecology of an area.
2.…read more

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As an area grows local people are displaced by hotels, shops, restaurants
are built where they used to live.
The peaceful beauty of a place maybe lost in an attempt to attract tourists
New cultures replace the old.
Revision notes--Revise the different reasons for why tour
an environmental issue. Divide your revision into the four se
e.g transport, accommodation etc....…read more

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This has set up directives to limit the use of local resources and reduce the
There is now a local organisation that controls the number of visitors and m
them and uses some of the money paid for guides and "sherpas" for local
conservation and development
Types of organisation
Independent organisations and pressure groups that work to protect aspec
environment which are under threat
Examples of action
The WWF (The World Wildlife Fund), the Nature Conservancy and C
International have put funding into projects…read more

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For example "Climate change is the single most
important issue we face as a global community" Tony Blair A
Most scientists agree that
1. The climate is changing
2. We produce more green house gases than we used to
3. That global warming is taking place
Scientific thinking is divided on how serious a threat to the planet this situation i
who believe that global warming/climate change is not a threat argue that:
1.…read more

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Revision notesrevise at least 3 examples of the evidence fo
global warming/climate change being a serious threat. AA*
at least 4
1.3 What will be the effects of global warming/climate chang
Unpredictable effects
Uneven impact across the world
Effects on plant and animal life
1. Unpredictable effects
Major cities could be flooded e.g London, New York and Hong Kong as sea
due to melting ice caps.…read more


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