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Family and Socialisation

UK boarding school is similar to living in a kibbutz as in both places the people don't A kibbutz is a shared community in Israel where:
have privacy. Also in both places no child feels lonely or neglected as they are cared Property and work is shared.…

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wrong. Cohabitation isn't encouraged. The Silver Ring Thing was a Christian used in Oxo is being replaced with a 21st cereal family that is multicultural and
organisation that was brought to the UK in 2004 from America with an aim to reduce multiracial. Adverts influence attitudes towards gender roles as…

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1964 2.95 girls can be married. A wedding must take place when the moon is bright to bring good
luck. Offerings are made to the spirits of ancestors for protection, health and
1976 1.7 happiness. No marriage is permanent until a child is born. In traditional Zulu culture a

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sure that absent fathers support their children instead of the government.
The Divorce Reform Act 1969 has made divorce cheaper and easier to obtain.
This has led to different types of families such as single parent or
reconstituted families. In 2002 laws allowed samesex couples to adopt
children and in…

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Case Studies:
Teenage mothers ­ Hannah White, aged 16 sat her GCSE's, 11 hours after giving
birth to Ebony. Her 19yearold boyfriend was very supportive. The centre for teenage
mothers helped her apply for housing benefit. The government's 'Care to Learn' scheme
provides childcare for Ebony whilst Hannah attends sixth…


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