Family and Socialisation Revision Notes

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Family and Socialisation
UK boarding school is similar to living in a kibbutz as in both places the people don't A kibbutz is a shared community in Israel where:
have privacy. Also in both places no child feels lonely or neglected as they are cared Property and work is shared.
for by trained nurses and teachers. In a kibbutz there are between 1,000 and 24,000 Men and women are seen as equal.
people living together. Until 1970 children were separated from parents and were raised by trained
nurses and teachers this was considered better than being raised by busy
Today there are 266 kibbutzim in Israel where there are small houses. The children parents. The parents would only see their children for a few hours every
live with parents as a nuclear family. The parents are now more involved in the evening.
children's life as the parents are involved in the children activities and working women The advantages of this were that no child felt neglected or lonely. There was
are given an extra hour off their work. no bullying as children had the same clothes, pocket money...
The disadvantages of this were that children were shy outside of the group
and were unable to develop relationships.
Changing attitudes in the family: Care for the elderly:
Equal opportunity laws mean that women have more opportunity to go to work People in the UK are living longer due to improved lifestyle. Life expectancy in for men
this means that men and women have to share the housework and the is 77 years old and for women in 81 years old this means that there are more elderly
responsibility of the children. people in society. As there are less young people this means that young people have
Many of the women who do the caring function are now busy and to pay more taxes to look after the elderly.
grandparents live a long way from their family find it difficult to visit them. In the past the care of the elderly have been the responsibility of the family however
Raising children has become more expensive this means that families have now elderly people don't live with their families so this has become a problem.
fewer children. People are living longer, they often spend many years needing treatment or specialist
care for longterm health problems. Currently, there are 9.5 million people in the UK
Grandparents have moved in with relatives and have created an extended
over the age of 65. Illnesses that normally affect elderly people are dementia, cancer,
family. This still happens in some communities but as families have fewer
Parkinson's disease and diabetes.
children there are fewer relatives to look after the parents in their old age.
By the year 2025 they are expected to be over 1 million people suffering with
House prices have increased and cost of living has soared this means that dementia. The government spends £17 billion a year on caring for people with
more women are now going to work to help pay bills. dementia. In total families themselves pay about £6 billion.
One of the main functions of the family is socialisation. This is when children learn
how to behave by copying their parents and how to fit into society . Children learn
behaviour by watching, listening, playing and talking. Children learn about religion from
their families as follow their parents religion. When children get older, they are less
influenced by their parents and are affected by other factors such as peer groups,
media, education...
Influence of religion in family life: Influence of media in family life:
The Christian Church has always taught that sex before marriage and extramarital are Adverts use cerealpacket family to advertise their products. The cerealpacket family

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Cohabitation isn't encouraged. The Silver Ring Thing was a Christian used in Oxo is being replaced with a 21st cereal family that is multicultural and
organisation that was brought to the UK in 2004 from America with an aim to reduce multiracial. Adverts influence attitudes towards gender roles as they often show a
teenage pregnancy by promoting abstinence.…read more

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A wedding must take place when the moon is bright to bring good
luck. Offerings are made to the spirits of ancestors for protection, health and
1976 1.7 happiness. No marriage is permanent until a child is born. In traditional Zulu culture a
1980 1.89 man can have several wives as long as he can afford to pay for them. The wives live in
separate huts, in order of importance. Today nearly half of Zulus have moved to live in
1990 1.…read more

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The Divorce Reform Act 1969 has made divorce cheaper and easier to obtain.
This has led to different types of families such as single parent or
reconstituted families. In 2002 laws allowed samesex couples to adopt
children and in 2005 samesex couples were allowed to join in civil
partnerships. Some politicians blame singleparent families for antisocial
behaviour and want to limit divorce and want more marriages as they create a
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Case Studies:
Teenage mothers ­ Hannah White, aged 16 sat her GCSE's, 11 hours after giving
birth to Ebony. Her 19yearold boyfriend was very supportive. The centre for teenage
mothers helped her apply for housing benefit. The government's 'Care to Learn' scheme
provides childcare for Ebony whilst Hannah attends sixth form. Eventually she wants
to get a job so she doesn't have to rely on benefits.…read more


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