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Aral sea

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Environmental Issues : Aral Sea - Case study

Environmental Issues :

Aral Sea - Case study

. Was 4th largest inland sea in 1960's now 7 th largest

.situated between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan

> Due to irrigation (artificial watering of land )method of taking water from the rivers Amu Darya and the

Syr Darya

> This water was used by the Russians to feed the cotton fields that they owned

> cotton nicknamed ( WHITE GOLD ) because of its value on the market

> This lead to the Aral Sea shrinking and leading to desertification this making the climate begin to warm.

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Environmental Issues : Aral Sea - Case study

>This catastrophe lead to fish depletion in both stocks and species , work becoming scares and also drinking water becoming hard to find , because it became salt water .

> countries climate heating up because of less moisture

>5 year plan made by Russians before start of irrigation

> Kok Aral dam built in order to rehydrate the Aral sea and save it from becoming desert.

> North Aral is slowly recovering but nothing yet has been done for south Aral

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National Conflict - Civil Rights USA

National Conflict:

Civil Rights USA

. American Declaration of Independance

> Abolishment of Slavery in 1863

> Jim Crow laws ( a comedian who found laws about segregation of black and whites of the southern states humorous ).

> Rosa Parks was a black lady who refused to give up her seat on the bus for a white girl because she was tired from work , her act later started the bus boycott and the start of civil rights America . she later became an activist along side MLK.

> little rock high school , 9 black students are allowed to join first white school

> Birmingham Alabama march by the black children protest leading in them being brutally attacked and hurt by national guards with the fire-hoses this was broadcasted nationally and shocked the nation.

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National Conflict - Civil Rights USA

> Martin Luther King a pacifist activist helped to gain many laws and freedoms for black people with his work and started the chain to equality ( Famous speech " i have a dream " , however he was assassinated .

> Malcolm X also a activist but resorted to violent protests and black supremacy and followed the Islamic Faith assassinated also .

> March to Washington ( I have a dream speech ) .

> civil rights act 1964

> 1975 , 3000 black Americans held office

> 2008 , Obama first black president of USA

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International Conflict - Vietnam War

International Conflict :

Vietnam War

. Colonized by French , ( French Indo China )

> Communist North lead by Ho Chi Ming

> Anti Communist South lead by Diem Biem Phu

> US joined war because they were scared about the "domino theory" happening ( Communism spreading ) but used the excuse that Vietnam sunk one of there submarine in the Gulf of Tonkin .

> US actually lost war due to the fall of Saigon but do not count as a war because it was not declared by congress .

> My Lai Massacre by American troops

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International Conflict - Vietnam War

> Geneva Agreement ( 17th parallel ) agreeing to slit South and North Vietnam , however some countries around it still turned communist but domino theory proved wrong .

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