Relationships Revision Pack

Easy to print out revision pack on relationships, with A01, A02 and A03.

Description, Models and Evaluation.


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Alevel Relationships revision.
Important things that I think you need to know!!
Bear in mind this is by no means an exhaustive list but just a general overview
of things we have covered.
Along with this the Evaluation points are a general overview of the topics, you
guys can be the ones to fit them under your 6 headings!!
1. The Formation, maintenance and breakdown of relationships.
Formation of relationships
Sociobiological theory
Evolutionary Theory
Wilson (1975) ­ argues human sexual attraction and behaviour may be explained through
evolutionary theories such as natural selection operates to maximise reproductive
success of organisms, and so passing on as many genes as possible to subsequent
generations = inclusive fitness

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Physiological differences in male/female gametes i.e. anisogamy = development of
different mating strategies to maximise reproductive success
Trivers (1983) ­ Period of gestation ­ Because females have long period of
gestation more choosy over their mates.
Berkow (1989) ­ Female strategy = Have a man, reliable, committed and good provider.
Male strategy = Impregnate a woman and move on (i.e.…read more

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Messnick & Cook (1983) An exchange judged fair if the ratio of perceived inputs
(costs) to rewards is equal
assumes people strive to achieve fairness in relationships and feel distressed if they
perceive unfairness i.e. inequity
Walster (1978) ­ 4 principles to equity theory:
Changing perception of situation, the loser (under benefited) must convince the
overbenitifted that they invest more over benefited must realise that.…read more

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Exposure ­ problems brought into open
3. Negotiation are discussed
4. Resolution ­ both partners attempt to resolve issues
5.…read more

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Evolutionary theory suggests that there are two main mechanisms for the evolution of an
animal's characteristics:
· Natural selection (survival of the fittest). This is the process by which animals that are
best adapted to their environment (fitness) are more likely to survive.
· Sexual selection (survival of the sexiest-reproductive success). This is the process by
which animals that are most successful at mating and having offspring are more likely to
pass on their genes to the next generation.…read more


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