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Health, fitness and a healthy
active life style.…read more

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Skill-related fitness components =
There are six skill-related fitness components, which can be
improved through training. These are:
1) Agility
2) Balance
3) Coordination
4) Power
5) Reaction time
6) Speed…read more

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Agility =
Agility is the ability to change direction quickly and still keep
control of your whole body.
·Football…read more

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Balance =
Balance is the ability to keep your body stable whether still,
moving or in a different shape by keeping the centre of
gravity over the base.
· Gymnastics…read more

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Coordination =
Coordination is the ability to use two or more parts of you
body at the same time. (hand and eye)
·Tennis ­ feet, body position
·Swimming ­ legs and arms…read more

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Power =
Power is the ability to apply a combination of strength and
speed in an action.
Power = Strength x Speed
· Jumping
· A sprint start…read more

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