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What are the four themes of the Healthy Schools Pr

Healthy Eating

Physical Activity

Emotional health + well being

Personal and social education

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What are the aims of the Healthy Schools Programme

To create children who are:




-do better in life

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What is the Healthy Schools Programme?

It is a government initiative

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Give 5 benefits of school PE

Any from:

Prevents obesity, Improves fitness, Character building, Team building, Its fun!, Stress release, Friendship skills, Offers extra cirriculum oppurtunities, Leadership skills, Learn how to exercise safely

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What are the four main concepts that lessons shoul

1. Competance

2. Performance

3. Creativity

4. Healthy, active

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What are the two main themes of PSHE?

1. Economic (e.g- money)

2. Personal wellbeing (e.g- sex)

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