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Food revision…read more

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What does it Environmental Health officer
stand for?
They can come at any
reasonable tie (not peak
hours) and they can give
advice, check temp of
What and fridges etc, check training
when can records and could initially
they do? shut down!…read more

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Sensory Test
In silence, food is numbered so
How is it done? anonymous ­ not biased ,
Drink in between to cleanse pallet.
Difference between Rating is out of something e.g.
rating and 1/5 where as ranking is in order
ranking? of preference
Paired preference is when you
choose your favorite sample
out of 2.…read more

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What is it high in? Calcium, protein, fat
What is it made of?
Cruds and whey
Name a soft cheese Cottage…read more

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What is it? When you add extra nutrients
into a product
Give an example Iron to cereal or fluoride to
water in poor countries to
prevent tooth decay…read more

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Which part is high in Yolk
fat? Coagulation, glazing,
What are eggs used aeration, Emulsifying ­ in
What are they high in ? High in protein, high risk food…read more

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