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Joanne Buc

GCSE Catering Revision
Culinary Terms
Accompaniment = item offered separately to main dish (side dish)
Al dente = firm to the bite
Au gratin = sprinkle with cheese or breadcrumbs and browned
Bain-marie = a container of water to keep food hot without fear of burning
Brulee =…

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Joanne Buc

Food packaging
Takeaway food establishments in particular use a lot of packaging some examples are given below in the
(They are used because....)

Cardboard Polystyrene Clear plastic Foil trays Plastic
boxes (pizza's) boxes (burgers, sandwich boxes (Chinese & containers with
chips etc) Indian) lids (Chinese &

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Joanne Buc

What must be on a label?
name of food
list of ingredients (in descending order)
QUID information (if needed)
net quantity of food present (unless under 5g)
date mark (use by and best before)
any special conditions or conditions of use
name & address of manufacturer, packager or…

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Joanne Buc

Wear outdoor coats in the kitchen
Wear nail varnish, false nails or jewellery
Smoke, eat or drink around the food
Cough or sneeze over food
Work when suffering from upset stomach, sickness or diarrhoea

Common accidents in the kitchen
Burns in the restaurant kitchen
Cuts from sharp knives…

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Joanne Buc

Employers must ensure they provide safe premises, equipment, provide supervision and training,
have a written safety policy and consult with unions and have a safety committee.

Portion control
Restaurants can control the portion sizes to makes sure everyone gets the same amount as well as to
avoid waste…

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Joanne Buc

Full-time Part-time Seasonal

1. Permanent job 1. work on set days of the 1. work for specific functions
2. have a contract that states week and events, such as they
their work hours, heir pay 2. they do fewer hours a are hired for weddings
and their holidays…

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Joanne Buc

Computer Applications:
The most valuable thing for any business is up to date information. Therefore computers are vital.
They can be used for:
1. Computer Operations software packages used for Point of Sales (tills), and management
systems. Used for stock control, pricings, ordering, accounts can be kept more…

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Joanne Buc

Meat & Poultry
Meat should be kept in the fridge, raw meat should be kept away from cooked meat. It should be
used by the specified date and be in good condition, not bruised.

Types Cheddar, feta, mature, parmesan, soft, cream
Uses Garnish, lasagne, sandwich, pizza,…


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