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AQA Food Technology revision
Bread Based Snacks…read more

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Preliminary material-Slide 3
Preparation for the exam-Slide 5
Research-Slide 10
Cooking with yeast-Slide 15
Standard food components-Slide 24
Sensory analysis-Slide 27
HACCP/Food safety-Slide 36
Quality Control and Quality Assurance-Slide 43
Different types of production-Slide 46
Designing-Slide 51
Making a quality outcome-Slide 55
Health aspects of food-Slide 60
Types and uses of industrial equipment-Slide 68
Packaging and labelling-Slide 69
Contents…read more

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Preliminary Material
· Research context: Bread based snacks
· Design Theme: Savoury snack and dip
· Before the exam it is important to research
bread based snacks and dips. Consider the
types of bread, bread based snacks and dips
that could be sold in a supermarket.
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You will be required to design a product for the
exam- think about some ideas, learn the
quantities of ingredients in several recipes,
practice sketching and annotating your design
· Think about a range of bread products that
could be sold in the supermarket, maybe with
a dip.
· You will also have to revise other things
learned during the rest of your time studying
food, therefore it is important to look through
all the work you have completed during the
course. Contents…read more

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Preparation for the exam
1. Research the range of bread based snacks
and dips available.
Research the different bread products
available to consumers to eat with dips or on
their own. Think what dips are popular, e.g.
spicy, creamy, tomato, healthy. You will need
to consider the nutritional value of both
bread and dips.
The properties and functions of ingredients
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You must know the functions and properties of
ingredients in bread and dips (flour, sugar, fat,
yeast, salt, tomato or cream or cheese based dips
· What is the correct ratio of ingredients in bread
· What are the different methods of dip and bread
· The different production methods, finished and
· One off or job production, mass production, batch
production, what are they and how suitable would
they be for the dip or bread product?
· Think about finishes that could be applied to dips
and bread e.g. garnishes, seeds, herbs etc.
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jill richardson


Really detailed presentation which covers researching bread-based products and much more!

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