GCSE Food Technology


GCSE Food Technology

Food hygiene- 

Harmful bacteria;

  • Can grow on high risk foods e.g- cooked meat, dairy, cooked eggs, seafood and cooked rice
  • Bacteria needs warmth, food, moisture and time to produce toxins and poisons
  • Bacteria can be controlled by temperature;
  • Danger zone 5 c to 63 c
  • Grows slowly in the fridge at 5 c and below
  • Grow rapidly at body temperature 37 c
  • Killed when heated to above 63 c
  • Food should be re-heated at 72 c for 2 minutes
  • Spores are only killed at 100 c


  • Preserving- stored in tin cans and modified atmosphere packaging ( MAP)
  • Identification- Describes/ identifies the product contents, a good packagin design gives a good brand association
  • Image- Links to products in range, popular colours used on packaging are yellow, blue and orange
  • Preventing tampering- Almost impossible to make packaging tamper proof, it can be designed so that it's obvious if the packaging has been opened
  • Protection- Physical damage during transporation and storage, effects on temperature changes, insect/ rodent attacks, mould growth etc... Packaging gurantees food saftey




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