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Ethics 2 ­ Topic 2: Religion and Equality

Equality: Treating people in the same way as others.
Fair: Something free from fraud, bias, or injustice.
Prejudice: a judgement held by one person, which affects another.
Discrimination: Acting on prejudice, treating another/group unfairly.
> Positive Discrimination ­ Under 16s getting free…

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Ethics 2 ­ Topic 2: Religion and Equality

Sexism: Prejudice, stereotyping or discrimination on basis of sex.

Christianity is a SEXIST religion.

Yes No
- `Women are simple souls who like simple things' - Jesus rose from the dead and appeared first to
­ Church preachers 1968. Mary Magdalene.

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C of E RC Church Quakers
- Allow women priests since '94. - Christ was a man, logically those - `priesthood of all believers',
- Men & women: Equals. acting as him should be male too. ordination of women ­ not a
- Sees itself as having a - Man…

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Missionaries: people sent to a country by a Church to spread faith/do social work.
> Used to try convert others to Christian (with fear), now concerned with helping those in LEDCs.

Pluralism: believing your religion is the truth, but knows other religions hold some truth.
> God is omnibenevolent ­…

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Original Sin: Everyone is born into it, washed away at baptism.
Actual Sin: When we do something wrong.
> Mortal Sin: Serious sin, full understanding and consent.
> Venial Sin: Less serious sins.

- `Forgive them, Father! They do not know what they're doing'. ­ Luke
- `Forgive us our…


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