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Topic 1 Belief about Deity:
The nature of GD:
GD is one Jews believe that there is only one GD
GD is the creator of everything (Bereshit)
GD is incorporeal This means that he has no body
GD is neither male or female (Although often described as a `He,' there
is one time when a female word is used)
GD is omnipotent He is all powerful (Jonah and the whale)
GD is omniscient He knows everything
GD is eternal
GD is both just and merciful
GD is omnipresent He is everywhere
GD is slow to anger (Doesn't immediately punish e.g. not keeping
GD is holy and perfect
Reasons for belief in GD:
The cosmological argument:
This talks about the `first cause.'
It says that GD created the universe
Believes in the `big bang theory,' but asks what caused it
GD started off the chain reaction which we see still happening today
The Design argument:
This talks about how complicated the universe is
Everything is so complicated to have happened by chance
Like a watch, everything has a creator
If one saw a watch for the first time on the ground and was told that it was
just there, they would have said that it was too complicated to have
happened by chance
The moral argument:
This says that everyone has a sense of shared morals in the world, and
that this must have come from somewhere `high up.'
For example, we all have a general sense of right and wrong, like `don't
The historical argument:
This looks at the fact that there have been so many attempts to wipe the
Jews out, but all have failed
It says that there must be a higher force looking out for the Jews

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Open miracles:
These are usually defined as events that break the laws of nature
For example, when GD split the Red Sea, or when the Sun stopped in
the sky to allow the Jews to win against Amalek
Closed miracles:
These are miracles which can be attributed to something other than GD
For example, if one is about to cross a road, but doesn't see the car
coming and then trips over their shoe laces, it is easy to see how GD
may nit have…read more

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Topic 2 Worship
Definition of worship:
Worship is defined as a reverence and respect paid to GD, and acts or
ceremonies displaying this.
Worship is more than prayer
Worship in Judaism involves an act which is directed to GD, anything
which fits this would be counted as worship
Prayer is only one form of worship
Types of worship include: Blessings, Keeping Shabbat and festivals,
Learning Torah etc.…read more

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The use of Symbols in Judaism:
What is a symbol?
A symbol is something such as an object that represents something more
than what is literally is or something completely different.…read more

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Food and fasting in Judaism:
Why do Jews eat?
To break or start a fast
To keep healthy
Some feasts are commanded by the Torah (Like on Purim)
To celebrate
To be able to say a Bracha
Why do Jews fast?
To mourn
To aid our concentration on holy days
To remember sad days in history (Like the destruction of the Temple)
To be on a higher level With angels, who don't have to eat
When do Jews eat?
Breaking/ Starting a fast
Pesach…read more

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The soul:
It is eternal
Animals have a basic soul
It is our connection to GD
It contains out characteristics
It is a part of GD
Gives us our freewill
Some Jews believe in reincarnation, saying that the soul is reborn again
and again until it becomes completely pure by fulfilling all mitzvot
The body and Soul:
The Talmud says that the body and soul is like a tree and its roots.…read more

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Before death:
The person recites the first line of the Shema
The person should repent so that they can go to heaven
Members of the immediate family stay by the bedside, as we did not
enter this world alone, so we should not leave it alone.…read more

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Good and Evil:
Fit for a purpose
GD is good
Not fit for a purpose
An absence of GD
Violation of free will
Judaism does not view the Satan as being the opponent of GD as GD is
the ultimate being
There are two possible explanations for Satan:
Satan is an angel of GD whose purpose it is to create problems and
issues within the world
The Satan is within us, called the Yatzei Harah.…read more

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GD did not build Auschwitz, man did.…read more

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Revelation is the idea of how GD reveals Himself to humans.
General Revelation:
This is indirect and available to everyone. E.g. seeing GD in the natural
Special revelation:
This is GD giving special, direct insight to an individual or group. E.g.…read more



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