Good and Evil (OCR RS Philosophy and Ethics GCSE Christianity)

These are some questions with answers that could come up for topic area 4(good and evil) for philosophy if you are doing Christianity :)

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Possible Questions ­ Topic Area 4
2/3/6 mark questions
Give two examples of natural evil
Give two examples of moral evil
Child abuse
Suggest two causes of evil in the world
Free will
The Devil
Give three ways in which a Christian might try to behave morally
Giving to charity and/or helping others
Following the example of Jesus
Reading the Bible
Following the Ten Commandments.
Explain Christian beliefs about the Devil
Some Christians believe that the Devil exists in a physical form but for most, the
Devil is a symbolic way of representing the ultimate evil in opposition to the
ultimate good, represented by God
It is often referred to as `Satan' and sometimes `Lucifer'
Is responsible for evil
Opposite to God
Jesus did exorcisms ­ this was driving the demons out of people ­ demons
considered to be the devil's army of angels
According to the apocrypha the devil was originally and archangel called Lucifer
who refused to bow down to God and was consequently thrown out of heaven
References to the Devil in the Bible ­ Jesus was tempted by the devil in the
wilderness (Luke 4), Judas is described in Luke as being possessed by the devil
when he decided to betray Jesus
Explain Christian beliefs about the Fall and Original Sin and Redemption
The Fall is the name given to the event in which Adam and Eve disobeyed God in the
garden of Eden. It is called the fall because when they disobeyed God Adam and
Eve fell from the position they had previously occupied in relation to God an dhis

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Christianity teaches that the consequence of their disobedience is that their
relationship with God and the rest of the world is damaged ­ so evil is a result of
free will ­ Adam and Eve were created `imago dei'
Also consequently all humans are born in a state of original sin ­ as we are their
descendents, they transmit their sins to all human beings born after them.…read more

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Adam and Eve and there was no garden of Eden and no eating of an apple.…read more


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