OCR RS Exam Technique

Advice on how to answer each question in the exam. Just short notes, but helpful to show how much needs to be written for each question 

Good luck in the RS tomorrow if you are sitting it!

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Exam Technique
a.) Simple definition ­ learn important definitions. 30 seconds
b.) Two simple but distinctly different facts about the topic in Christianity, clear and to the point.
c.) Outline details about the topic in Christianity, but need to make three separate points. E.g. -
Fertility treatment, mention two main types, Catholic opinion ­ draw on different
sub-categories and denominations
Spend 1 minute noting down key ideas, 6-7 minutes writing.
Understanding and facts about the subject
Use specialist vocabulary and give definitions, explanations
High level of detail re: different denominations, possible exceptions
Outline the statement, explain possible meanings and how this could cause a problem/be
of importance to some people
Refer firstly to Christian view. Explain main view, and variants, remembering to refer to
beliefs, using specialist vocabulary, and QUOTES to back points up.
Explain why certain beliefs, such as the sanctity of life argument, affect views on issues,
such as abortion or euthanasia.
Outline views of other religions, and why these views are held. Make reference to
Christianity ­ i.e. why they are different.
Include a personal opinion on the statement, gibing justification
Give a summative conclusion which refers to both `sides' of the argument, includes the
Christian view and a thoughtful concluding statement.

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Religious Studies Assessment Objectives
1.) Describing and Explaining what you know
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