OCR Religious Studies A Christian Perspectives (Topic 1,2,4,6)

Here you go some super duper notes for the OCR Religious Studies Exam!!!! I have done 4 of the topics I will do in the two exams, I'm sorry if I haven't covered a topic you were planning to do in the exam.

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OCR Religious Studies A Christian
Perspectives (Topic 1,2,4,6)…read more

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Topic 1: Religion and human
relationships…read more

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Roles of men and women in a Christian Family
Traditional Roles
Some Christians interpret the second Genesis story, it says that God created man first,
to mean that men are superior to women because they were created first and
therefore more important.
The story tells how Eve was the one led Adam astray in the Garden Of Eden, some
Christians interpret this to mean that women are the weaker sex.
Christians who have traditional views on marriage believe that the man is the head of
the family, and therefore must provide for his wife and children and leading his family
by providing a setting a good example of how a Christian should behave. They believe
that it is a wife's duty to provide a loving home for her husband and children, St.Paul in
his letter's to the early Christian church gave clear directions that women should obey
their husbands.
Modern Roles
Most modern Christians do not believe that men are superior to women, instead
male and female are both equal in the eyes of God. Most Christians in today's
society believe in an equal relationship where the roles of the couple are
interchangeable .…read more

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Roles of men and women within a Church Family
Traditional roles within the Church Family
Some Christian suggest that because Jesus only had men as his twelve disciples, he
clearly intended men to take the leading role in the Church, Jesus also chose Peter to
lead the Church and become the first Pope. Roman Catholics believe Jesus intended
men to be the leaders of the Church Family and every Pope that followed Peter has
been male. Roman Catholics do not even permit women to become priests.
Other views of the role of men and women in the Church Family
Liberal protestants look at Jesus' treatment of women and see that he showed
women with respect even in a time when women had few rights. They also believe
that because the risen Christ chose to reveal himself to women first on Easter
morning that it was clear that he held women in high regard. Most non-conformist
Churches permit women to be ministers, the Anglican Church ordained its first
women priests in 1994…read more

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Marriage Ceremonies
Marriage is both a religious commitment and a civil one. Christians believe that
marriage is a holy relationship, because Christian marriage is a religious commitment,
the ceremony takes place in a church or a chapel. All Christians believe the purpose of
marriage is to: help and support each other in good and bad times, enjoy a sexual
relationship and to have children and bring them up in a Christian family
How does the marriage ceremony reflect Christian teachings?
·The ceremony takes place in a church because promises are made in front of God
·Couples say their vows in the presence of God, showing the sacred importance of the
·A ring is given to symbolise the unending nature of love and Christian marriage.
Shows the marriage is for life.
What do Christians feel about Civil Partnerships?
Many Christians do not accept civil partnerships because they believe that sexual
relationships only belong within marriage, The Catholic Church does not accept them
because it rejects same sex marriage.…read more

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Christian beliefs about the ethics of divorce
Christians teach that marriage is intended to be a relationship for life, that marriage is a
holy relationship and the vows are made in front of God; therefore they should never
be broken. These beliefs mean that there is much debate within Christianity about
whether it is right or wrong to permit married couples to divorce. Roman Catholics
believe that divorce is wrong and if a marriage fails the Catholic church will allow them
to live separately but not to re-marry or to have sexual relationships with anybody
(because this would be adultery).
In exceptional cases the Catholic Church can annul a marriage, this declares that the
marriage was not a true marriage and it is cancelled. An annulment can be granted if
one of the couple were under age , forced to marry against there will or unaware of
what they were doing. An annulment can also be granted if the marriage has not been
consummated (the couple have not had a sexual relationship).
Even though COE and Non-conformist churches believe that marriage is for life, they
accept that things may not always work out. They believe that divorce can be permitted
because Jesus taught that the right course of action is the most loving thing to do,
forcing a couple to remain in a loveless marriage would hurt them and everyone in their
family. Some Christians believe that a marriage ends when the love dies between the
couple, as well as the death of a partner.…read more

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