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Prejudice is a biased, preconceived opinion
It means to prejudge a person or group of people
without knowledge or experience of them
Is usually based on ignorance, fear or stereotypes
Stereotypes are crude mental pictures of the
appearance and character of the group we think we
Discrimination is putting prejudice into action by
words or deeds…read more

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Human Rights
In 1948, the UN signed the Universal Declaration of
Human Rights
This establishes the basic rights to which each
human is entitled to:
Article 1 ­ everyone is born free and equal
Article 2 ­ no one should be judged, and everyone is entitled to
the same rights no matter who they are…read more

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The Parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke)
A man gets attacked
Another man and a priest see him and just walk past
A Samaritan comes along and binds the man's
wounds, then tales him to the city on a horse
In the city the Samaritan pays for the man to stay in
an inn…read more

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Martin Luther King
Fought against racism in the USA non violently
Used peaceful protests
Black people were treated as inferior to whites
`the means we use must be as pure as the ends we
`if a man hasn't discovered something he will die for,
he isn't fit to live'
`it isn't so important how long you live; the
important thing is how well you live'…read more

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Why did some people not approve of MLK's tactics?
White people ­ thought he was changing things too
quickly and was harming the USA
Black people 0 said non-violence was a mistake
Christians ­ felt he was unnecessarily rocking the
boat…read more

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