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1.1 Healthy, 1.1.1 Healthy, active lifestyles and how they could benefit X
active you

1.1.2a Influences on your healthy, active lifestyles: Key
influences that impact on achieving sustained
involvement in physical activity

1.1.2b Influences on your healthy, active lifestyles: X
opportunities, pathways and initiatives for involvement
in physical…

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Acronyms to remember:

How do you maintain a healthy, active lifestyle?

PEASED (Personal hygiene, emotional health, alcohol/drug use, safety, environment,

What factors influence the activities you do?

CHIRPS (Culture, health and wellbeing, image, resources, people,

Opportunities for people in school

PESSCL (PE in School Sport and Club Links…

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Key Words to remember:

Physical activity Any form of exercise or movement. It can be planned or structured

Exercise Any physical activity you do to improve or maintain your
health/fitness. It doesn't have to be a competitive sport

Health A state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not…

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Equations to remember:

Maximum Heart Rate 220 - your age

Working heart rate Maximum Heart Rate - Resting Heart Rate

Harvard Step Test (length of exercise in seconds x 100)
(5.5 x pulse count)

Stroke volume heart rate x stroke volume


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