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Key Words for GCSE PE (Comprised from the CGP Revision Guide)

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PE Key Words
Exercise: Physical activity you do improve/maintain your health and/or fitness
Fitness: Physically meeting demands of environment
Cardiovascular Fitness: Exercise for a long time
Muscular Strength: Amount of force a muscle can apply
Muscular Endurance: Repeatedly use your voluntary muscles over a long time
Flexibility: Amount of movement possible at a joint
Body Composition: % of your body made up of fat, muscle and bone
Agility: Control the movement of your body & change position quickly
Balance: Keep your centre of mass over a base of support
Coordination: Use two or more parts of your body together
Speed: Rate at which someone is able to move/cover distance (in a given amount of time)
Reaction Time: Time it take to move in response
Power: Strength movements or actions quickly (POWER = STRENGTH x SPEED)
Training: A programme designed to improve ­ fitness, performance, skills
Reversibility: Any fitness improvement or body adaptation caused by training will
reverse and be lost if you stop training
Aerobic Activity: An exercise where oxygen is required
Anaerobic: An exercise that does NOT require oxygen
Target Zone: Between 60-80% of maximum heart rate. Boundaries called `training
Balanced Diet: Best Ratio of nutrients to match your lifestyle
Blood Pressure: Force caused by blood on the walls of blood vessels
Oxygen Debt: Amount of oxygen you need whilst recovering
Cartilage: Cushion between bones
Ligaments: String holds bones together
Tendons: Muscles attached to bones
Joints: Two+ bones meet


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