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A healthy, active lifestyle

What is a healthy, active lifestyle?
Health is a state of wellbeing
Being healthy is more than just having a healthy body
Physical wellbeing
Your heart, kidneys and the rest of your body and organs are working well
You're not suffering from any diseases or injury…

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1.1.1 Benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle

What benefits do you get from physical activity?

Social Doing physical activity can help you make friends with people of a
different age and background
It also helps you socialise with friends you already have
Cooperation and teamwork skills are improved by taking…

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1.1.2a Key influences that impact on achieving sustained involvement in physical

What factors influence the physical activity you do?

Culture AGE
People aged between 16-30 have lots of options for sports whereas people
over 50 may not have the same opportunities because they are physically
Sports such as…

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Sporting and leisure activities go in and out of fashion very quickly
Aerobics was very fashionable in the 90s because of celebrity fitness videos
Sports clothing has also become more fashionable and if the clothes and
equipment are fashionable, people are more likely to take part in physical

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football may be associated with the `working class' when really both should
be accessible to everyone

PE Revision Healthy, active lifestyles 1.1

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1.1.2b Opportunities, pathways and initiatives for involvement in physical

What roles in sporting activities are available?

Coaches Coaches must
o know the sport very well
o have good training ideas and game winning tactics
o help players improve and analyse their performance, individually
and as a team
o be…

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PE Revision Healthy, active lifestyles 1.1

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What levels of participation are there in sport?

There are 4 different levels when it comes to participating in sport and this can be shown in
the participation pyramid:

Stage 1- Foundation
You may not even understand the rules
You will be able to perform basic skills and movements

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What opportunities are there for school children to get involved in physical

PE in School Sport and Clubs Links Strategy
The National Curriculum sets out the minimum amount of PE that all schools have to
Many schools offer exam courses, extra-curricular activities and proficiency testing
PESSCL is a…

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PE Revision Healthy, active lifestyles 1.1




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