Complete Timeline for Henry VIII

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Henry VIII: Authority, Nation and Religion, 1509- 1540
Wolsey born in Ipswich, son of a butcher, gained a scholarship to Oxford
Henry VII becomes King of England after defeating Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth
Henry VIII born at Greenwich Palace
Wolsey Ordained as a priest
Arthur, Prince of Wales and Catherine of Aragon married
Arthur dies
Wolsey made Chaplain to Archbishop Deane of Canterbury
Pope Julius II grants dispensation for Henry and Catherine's betrothal
Wolsey appointed chaplain to Henry VII
Wolsey appointed Dean of Lincoln and Royal Almoner (dispenses money to poor)
21st April: Henry VII Dies
11th June: Henry VIII Marries Catherine Of Aragon
23rd June: Henry VIII becomes King
Wolsey appointed a Royal Councillor
March: Truce with France renewed
August: Empson and Dudley Executed
1512: Wolsey comes to prominence
February: War with France and Scotland
England joins Spain in an alliance against France
1513: Wolsey organises Henry VIII's successful expedition to France, and appointed
Bishop of Tournai (France)
Emperor Maximilian (Germany) joins Ferdinand (Spain, Catherine of Aragon's Father), Henry,
and the Papacy against France.
August: Battle of the Spurs, capture of Tournai (France)
September: Earl of Surrey leads Battle of Flodden, victory over the Scots

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Wolsey appointed Bishop of Lincoln and Archbishop of York
Henry makes peace with France
Wolsey made a Cardinal by Pope Leo X and Lord Chancellor by Henry VIII
Francis I accession to French throne
Princess Mary born
Wolsey Appointed Legate a Latere and Bishop of Bath and Wells
Treaty of London signed, marking the centrepiece of Wolsey's peace-making
May: Henry meets Charles V in England
June: Henry and Francis I meet at the Field of Cloth of Gold- no actual alliance,…read more

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Cardinal Campeggio arrives in England, sent by the Pope to try henry's case, having been told
to try and delay the process.
June: Legatine court begins to try Henry's case
July: Legatine Court presiding over the Great Matter adjourned, case recalled to Rome,
therefore Wolsey has failed
August: Treaty of Cambrai seals peace between Charles V and Francis I
Wolsey becomes Archbishop of Winchester, in exchange for Durham
October: Wolsey dismissed as Lord Chancellor
November: Reformation Parliament meets.…read more

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November: Second Parliamentary session; Acts of Supremacy. Act annexing First Fruits and
Tenths to the Crown. Treasons Act.…read more

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Attempts to remove Cranmer fail
July: Treaty of Greenwich signed with Scotland
July: Henry marries Catherine Parr, a Reformist
English invasion of Northern Scotland
the English Litany (set service)
September: Boulogne taken by English army
French attempt to invade England fails
Act vesting chantry property in the Crown
Peace agreement between England and France at Ardres
Gardiner excluded from the Council
January: Henry VIII dies…read more


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