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Henry VIII: Authority, Nation and Religion, 1509- 1540
Wolsey born in Ipswich, son of a butcher, gained a scholarship to Oxford

Henry VII becomes King of England after defeating Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth

Henry VIII born at Greenwich Palace

Wolsey Ordained as a…

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Wolsey appointed Bishop of Lincoln and Archbishop of York
Henry makes peace with France

Wolsey made a Cardinal by Pope Leo X and Lord Chancellor by Henry VIII
Francis I accession to French throne

Princess Mary born

Wolsey Appointed Legate a Latere and Bishop of Bath…

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Cardinal Campeggio arrives in England, sent by the Pope to try henry's case, having been told
to try and delay the process.

June: Legatine court begins to try Henry's case
July: Legatine Court presiding over the Great Matter adjourned, case recalled to Rome,
therefore Wolsey has failed
August: Treaty…

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November: Second Parliamentary session; Acts of Supremacy. Act annexing First Fruits and
Tenths to the Crown. Treasons Act.

May: Leading Carthusians executed
June: Bishop John Fisher executed
July: More executed
Valour Ecclesiasticus, the Royal visitation of the monasteries

Act for the Dissolution of the Lesser Monasteries
Ten Articles…

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Attempts to remove Cranmer fail
July: Treaty of Greenwich signed with Scotland
July: Henry marries Catherine Parr, a Reformist

English invasion of Northern Scotland
the English Litany (set service)
September: Boulogne taken by English army

French attempt to invade England fails
Act vesting chantry property in the Crown…


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