AQA History 1B Timeline 1483 - 1529

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Timeline AQA AS History 1B
Date Event
1475 Edward IV named Elizabeth Woodville as regent in his will
1483 Edward IV dies
Richard of Gloucester becomes protector of the throne
Richard III becomes king
Buckingham Rebellion occurs
1484 Richard passes Titilus Regius making Edward and Richard illegitimate children
Richard's son dies (and only heir)
Henry Tudor tries to invade England but fails
1485 Richard defeated at the Battle of Bosworth
Henry VII becomes king
1486 Henry VII marries Elizabeth of York
Act of Resumption is passed by Parliament returning land lost by Henry VI
Arthur Tudor born
Lambert Simnel crowned King Edward VI in Dublin, rebellion ends in the
Battle of Stoke
Henry passed laws against retaining
1489 Yorkshire Rebellion occurs because of taxes to help defend Brittany
Treaty of Medina del Campo signed arranging a marriage between Arthur
and Catherine of Aragon
Treaty of Redon agreed between England and Brittany
Perkin Warbeck poses as Richard Duke of York, supported by Burgundy,
1490 - 1499
The Holy Roman Empire and Scotland
1491 Henry Tudor born
Treaty of Etaples signed with France for an end to the English invasion of
1492 France and French support of Perkin Warbeck,
Henry also receives the French Pension of 50,000 Crowns per annum
Henry implements a trade embargo against Burgundy
1495 Henry executes William Stanley
The Council Learned in the Law is established
1496 England joins the Holy League against France
Intercursus Magnus with Burgundy is signed removing taxation from English
merchants, promoting trade
Cornish Rebellion against taxes for war against Scotland marching as far as
Truce of Ayton signed with Scotland where Scotland would not support
any pretender to the English throne
1502 Arthur dies
Papal dispensation given so Henry could marry Catherine of Aragon
Treaty of Perpetual Peace signed with Scotland
1503 Elizabeth of York dies in childbirth
James IV of Scotland marries Margaret, Henry's daughter
1506 Treaty of Windsor signed with Philip of the Netherlands
Malus Intercursus signed with Burgundy removing all duties from
English exports - deemed too harsh by Margaret of Burgundy and never signed
1509 Henry dies and Henry VIII becomes king
Henry VIII marries Catherine of Aragon
1511 Henry makes a deal with Spain to attack France
1513 England invades France and captures Tornai
1514 Peace treaty signed with Frnace
1515 Louis XII dies and Francis I becomes king
Treaty of London signed with France, Holy Roman Empire, Papacy, Spain,
Burgundy and the Netherlands, agreeing not to attack each other
1520 Field of the Cloth of Gold takes place in Calais
1525 Amicable Grant imposed by Wolsey to pay for an invasion against France
1526 League of Cognac established to stop Italy becoming a Spanish fiefdom
1527 Treaty of Eternal Peace completely undermined by the invasion of Rome
1527 Probable year Henry decided to annul his marriage to Catherine
1528 Henry VIII joins an alliance with Francis I and Clement VII against Charles V
1529 Cardinal Wolsey fails to agree an annulment with the Pope
1529 Cardinal Wolsey stripped of his government office and property


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