the Henry VIII timeline

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1473- Wolsey born in Ipswich

1485- Henry VII becomes King after defeating Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth

1491- Henry VIII born at Greenwich Palace

1498-Wolsey ordained as priest

1501-Arthur, Prince of Wales marries Catherine of Aragon

1502-Arthur dies.      

         -Wolsey chaplain to Archbishop Deane of Canterbury                                                                                                                                                 

1503-Julius II grants dispensation for Henry and Catherine’s marriage

1507- Wolsey appointed chaplain to Henry VII

 1509-21st April, Henry VII dies

         - Henry’s accession and Marriage to C of A (11th June)

         - 23rd June Henry VIII coronation

         -Appointed Dean of Lincoln and royal Almoner Wolsey

1510-Wolsey appointed a royal councillor

        -March Truce with France renewed

        -August Empson and Dudley executed

1512- England joins Spain in an alliance against France

         -February war with France and Scotland

         -Wolsey comes to prominence

1513- Emperor Maximillian joins Ferdinand, Henry and the Papacy against France

         - August, Battle of the Spurs and the capture of Therouanne- organised by Wolsey (France)

         -September, Earl of Surrey leads a crushing victory over Scots at Flodden

         -September, Tournai captured

         -Wolsey appointed bishop of Tournai

1514-Henry makes peace with France

         -Wolsey appointed bishop of Lincoln and Archbishop of York

1515-Accession of Francis I as King of France

        -Wolsey created a cardinal by Pope Leo X and made Lord chancellor by Henry VIII

1516- Mary is born

1518- The treaty of London signed marking the centrepiece of Wolsey’s peacemaking

1519-Charles V elected Holy Roman Emperor

1520-May, Henry meets Charles V in England

        -June, Henry and Francis meet at the field of the cloth of gold

        - July, Henry meets Charles at Calais

1521- Henry Writes the Assertio Septum Sacramentorum (in defence of 7 Sacraments)

         -Wolsey visits Charles V at Bruges, agreement reached for joint invasion of France

1523- English Army under Suffolk invades Calais. Siege of Boulogne abandoned to make an attack

           on Paris. The attack fails as winter sets in.

1524- Wolsey appointed Bishop of Durham (exchanged for Bath and Wells)

1525-Febuary, Battle of Pavia: Imperial forces defeat the French. Francis I captured

         -August, Henry makes peace with France (again don’t worry folks peace won’t last long)

         - Failure of Amicable Grant and widespread


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