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The Picture of
Dorian Gray
Chapter one…read more

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What happens?
O We meet Lord Henry and his friend, Basil, the painter in a painters studio.
Basil talks of a masterpiece he had painted of a gorgeous young man.
O Lord Henry says Basil should exhibit the painting, but Basil does not want to.
Lord Henry is appalled by this but, Basil persists. He claims there is too much
of himself in the portrait.
O Lord Henry asks the name of the person in the painting but Basil refuses to
tell him. Basil claims this is because he wants to make things seem
O When in the garden, We learn how Basil and Dorian met at Lady Brandon's
O Basil finally admits that the true reason behind not exhibiting the painting is
because he doesn't want the world to find out about his adoration for Dorian.
O After Henry remembers his aunt mentioning Dorian, Basil still refuses to let
Henry and Dorian meet.
O At this moment Basil's butler comes saying Dorian has arrived and Basil
warns Henry that he does not want him to influence Dorian because they are
best friends.…read more

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What are the
O Art: it becomes apparent that art has a big
influence over the characters, it becomes a
central theme later in the play.
O Beauty; beauty becomes clear when Basil
adores Dorian for his looks and paints a
great picture of him.
O Adoration/love: when Basil and Dorian first
met, Basil had overwhelming feelings
towards Dorian, that people only have when
they love/fancy someone.…read more

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O Dorian is talked about all the way through
the chapter but not actually introduced until
the end of it. This builds and hypes the
character up. It sets out to make the reader
have a set image of what Dorian will be like.
O Foreshadowing: "Then I feel, Harry, I have
given away my soul to some one who treats it
as if it were a flower to put on his coat" (page
14). This will actually happen between
Dorian and Basil.…read more

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References to the
O When Harry says how it is Basil's best piece
of work but Basil says he has "put too much
of himself" into it. It shows his admiration to
Dorian.…read more

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Key quotes from
O "For there is one thing in the world worse than
being talked about and that is not being
talked about" Page 6.
O "I choose my friends for their good looks, my
acquaintances for their good characters, and
my enemies for their good intellects." Page 11.
O "He is all my art to me now" (page 12).…read more


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