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I find the hardest thing about History is not the factual content, but knowing how to effectively gain marks in the exam. After I made this guide my mock grade went from a C to an A - hopefully it'll work just as well for you!

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Unit One: International Relations
~ 1 hour 45 min exam.
~ 3 questions, each in 3 parts.
~ 35 min per question.
Describe questions (4 marks) 5 min
Make an opening statement that answers the question generally.
Add two more facts by going deeper, or by going broader.
Interpretations questions (6 marks) 10 min
Assess the Provenance of the source. Who? Where? Why? What? Reliable?
Use own knowledge to decide if the source if truthful.
Explain if I agree with interpretation given in the source.
Either-Or questions (10 marks) 20 min
Describe: Treat as two `Describe' questions.
Explain: How did each event affect the result?
Assess: How important was each event in affecting the result?
Compare: Explain why one event is, in my opinion, more important.
Don't say both events were important in the conclusion. Choose one.
The event that came later is probably more important.

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Unit Two: Depth Studies
~ 1 hour 45 min exam.
~ 2 sections.
Section A ­ 1 question in 3 parts. 35 min.
Inference question (4 marks) 5 min
Copy two relevant facts from the source itself.
Draw inferences from the facts. Look for the general truth that underlies the
specific fact. What is the author trying to make me believe?
Explain How question (6 marks) 10 min
For a `Why' question give Reasons.
For a `How' question give Ways.…read more

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Section B ­ 2 questions, each in 2 parts. 70 min.
Describe question (8 marks) 15 min
Describe the source given and relate it to the question.
Give a general answer to the question.
Write in detail about two specific aspects of the question.
Show a lot of factual knowledge.
Analysis and Explanation question (12 marks) 20 min
Similar to an Either-Or question, but with no alternative view given.
Examiners want to see a debate that weighs up all sides of the argument.…read more


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