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Unit One: International Relations
~ 1 hour 45 min exam.
~ 3 questions, each in 3 parts.
~ 35 min per question.

Describe questions (4 marks) 5 min

Make an opening statement that answers the question generally.
Add two more facts by going deeper, or by going broader.

Interpretations questions…

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Unit Two: Depth Studies
~ 1 hour 45 min exam.
~ 2 sections.

Section A ­ 1 question in 3 parts. 35 min.
Inference question (4 marks) 5 min

Copy two relevant facts from the source itself.
Draw inferences from the facts. Look for the general truth that underlies the…

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Section B ­ 2 questions, each in 2 parts. 70 min.

Describe question (8 marks) 15 min

Describe the source given and relate it to the question.
Give a general answer to the question.
Write in detail about two specific aspects of the question.
Show a lot of factual knowledge.…


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