AQA GCSE History Berlin Olympics and other propaganda


This was a time for Germany to show off the best things about it they wanted to show their organisational skills and how much better it was now that Hitler was in-charge - it was a great opportunity for propaganda however there was a reduction in the amount of anti semetic propaganda - people knew that Hitler hated the Jews but they did not focus on this  , just the pride and power of Germany 

however there were a few bumps along the road for example the African american Jesse Owens a very talented athlete won 4 gold medals at these Olympics and this contradicted the message that Aryans were best- Hitler even refused to shake his hand and give him his medal ! However the Germans won this Olympics with 33 gold medals .There was lots of media there to cover the events and this suited the propaganda state that Germany was. The stadium was an architectural masterpiece .

Other propaganda

It was Josef Goebbels who was in charge of the parties propaganda 

Festivals and celebrations

  • Jan -Day of Seizing power
  • Feb - founding of the Nazi party day


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