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History Paper 2 ­ USA 1919 ­ 1941

American reactions to the end of WW1
Most Americans were not keen on the League of Nations. They did not want their country
involved in disputes taking place far away. They believed the USA would have to bear the
cost of keeping…

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The growth of credit made it much easier for people to buy goods even though they did not
have enough cash to pay for them on the spot. Firms arranged for customers to pay by
instalment or hire purchase.
Mass Production
New techniques meant that goods could be produced much…

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to northern cities and became the new craze. Also, radios quickly became part of daily life
and a national habit of listening to sporting events was created.
After WW1 women were given the vote in the USA. At the same time, they gained greater
freedom by working and earning…

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SHORT TERM CAUSES ­ Many people bought and sold shares to make quick profits instead
of investing their money in the same business for some time. Companies were by
shareholders to pay out profits to shareholders instead of reinvesting the profits.
Americans borrowed money on credit to buy their shares.…

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Americans what he was doing and why in his fireside chats (radio broadcasts) which
brought trust and confidence in his measures.
Banks were closing because investors withdrew money, people couldn't pay back their
loans, and investments had become worthless in the Wall Street Crash. In order to restore
confidence in…

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HOLC Home Owners Loan Helped people who might be evicted because they
Corporation were struggling to pay their mortgages by
providing money at low interest rates.
they were unhappy about the regulations on working conditions, the growth of trade
unions and their increasing power,…


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