AQA GCSE History Unit 1 Exam

AQA GCSE History Unit 1 Exam. Origins of First World War, Peace-making 1918-1919 and The Treaty of Versailles and League of Nations, Hitlers Foreign Policy and the Origins of the Second World War (including appeasement). All you need to know for your Unit 1 Exam! REMEMBER, the results are essential for the 10 mark questions.

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History Unit 1 Exam
Origins of the First World War
Alliance Systems and Splendid Isolation
Kaisers Foreign Policy
Naval/Arms Race
1st Moroccan Crisis, 1905-06, Algeciras
1st Bosnian Crisis, 1908
2nd Moroccan Crisis, 1911, Agadir
The Schlieffen Plan
Assassination of Franz Ferdinand

Peace-making 1918-1919, the League of Nations and the…

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o Destroy the Treaty Of Versailles
o Unite all German speaking peoples
o Establish a 3rd Reich
o Re-establish Anschluss with Austria, 1938, Failed Anschluss 1934
10 Year non-aggression pact with Poland
Anglo-German Naval Agreement
Sudetenland/Czech Crisis/Munich Agreement
Nazi-Soviet non-aggression Pact
Events of 1939/After invasion of Czechoslovakia
o For…

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Origins of the First World War
Alliance Systems and Splendid Isolation

Triple Alliance, 1882
Members: Germany, Italy, Austria-Hungary

Why was it formed?

In the Franco Russian War, France lost Alsace and Lorraine, Germany feared revenge
Germany wanted to isolate France

Leads to:

The Franco-Russian Alliance

France-Russian Alliance,…

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Why was it formed?

Great Britain joined because of Naval Race and 1st Moroccan Crisis

Leads to:

Germany feels encircled
Increased Arms Race
Encouraged Germany to depend on Austria-Hungary and give the `blank cheque'

1) Alliances caused tension, jealousy and rivalry.
2) Entente…

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2) Other countries suspicious
3) Moroccan Crisis 1905/6
4) Arms/Naval race
5) Contribute to the `blank cheque'- needs Austria-Hungary as an ally

Naval/Arms Race

Naval Race- Great Britain
Needs large army;
o As Great Britain is an Island
o To defend the Empire
Largest and most powerful in the world…

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4) ALGECIRAS conference was held;
o Great Britain backed France
o Italy didn't back Germany

1) Germany is humiliated
2) Germany and Austria-Hungary are closer (leads to the `blank cheque' and the Balkans
3) Great Britain and France are more suspicious
4) 1907 Dreadnoughts
5) Pushed Great Britain…

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5) Great Britain think the Germans sent in there Gunboat Panther to establish a Naval Base in the
Mediterranean near the British Naval Base in Gibralta
6) The Agadir conference held. Germany was given the Congo.

1) Everyone even more suspicious
2) Germany is humiliated and has to step…

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7) This was the catalyst that brought all the alliances into play.

1) All tensions are sparked
2) Austria-Hungary send a 10 point ultimatum, including allowing military occupation, to Serbia,
as Serbia supplied the weapons.
3) Serbia went to Russia (the Balkans Crisis 1908)
4) Germany tells Russia to…

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Aims of the Allies, the Treaty of Versailles
Clemenceau- France

What he wanted;
Germany to be crushed
For them to pay reparations
For their army to be reduces
To get back Alsace and Lorraine
For Germany never to be powerful enough to attach France again
The Demilitarisation…

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No more secret alliances
Self-determination- no empires
Disarmament talks
A League of Nations, that would be set up for humanitarian reasons, like famine, and a peace
security, to stop aggression

He also wanted;

Germany to pay compensation
For German armed forces to be reduced (he wanted everybody's army to be…


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