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The Cold War

1. In West Germany, what type of government did they have?

In West Germany the government was Democratic. This meant you voted for lots of parties.

1. What was the government like in East Germany?

In East Germany the government was communist. This meant it was a…

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Germany to pay for war damage.

1. The four zones in West Germany and Berlin would be occupied by which 4 countries?

The 4 "zones" would be occupied by: Britain, France, U.S.S.R and the U.S.A.

1. What was the word that meant Germany paying back war damage?

Reparations was the…

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A missile was set up in Turkey by the U.S.A, it was set up because the U.S.S.R was trying to
take control of Turkey.

The Marshall Plan

1. The Marshall Plan accompanied the Truman Doctrine. What was the aim of the plan?

The aim of the Marshall Plan was to…

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1. What happened if anyone went against Stalin's wishes, and give me an example?

If anybody went againts Stalin's wishes they would be removed. E.g Tito in Yugoslavia (1948).

1. What did the West (US) do to help West Germany?

Other than the Marshall plan, they helped strengthen W. Germany's…

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1. Why did these protests happen?

Hungarians were fed up with their leader, Gero, who have been chose by the Soviet. They
wanted to choose their own leader. There were thousands of soviet troops in Hungary,
protesters wanted them out!

North Korea (commuist) invaded South Korea (capitalist). The Causes:…

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The Rebels who were supported by the US landed at the Bay of Pigs in April 1961, they
received no support when they landed and were defeated within days. Kennedy had failed to
stop the Berlin wall being built, now the Bay of Pigs was a failure ­ Khrushchev saw…

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The war against Hitler had united America and Russia, but post-war splits
appeared. They stopped short of full scale war because of the
development of the Atomic bomb.
It turned into a battle for world domination.
2. CAUSES OF THE COLD WAR [memory word:…

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3. EVENTS (9 events):
February 1945
Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt agreed to (5 points):
Divide Germany into 4 zones occupied by France, Britain,
Hold free elections in Eastern European countries.
Give the USSR territory in Manchuria in return for their help
against Japan.
Set up…

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Hungary (4 things)
(1947) ­ Russian troops stayed there. Stalin
allowed elections (non-communists won a big
majority). The Communists were led by the
pro-Russian Rakosi.
Rakosi demanded that groups which opposed him
should be banned.
He got control of the police, and arrested his
He set up a secret…

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COMINFORM (3 things)
October 1947
Stalin forbade Communist countries to accept Marshall Aid.
Cominform was set up to control all Communist countries in

March 1948
Communists took control
Panicked the US Senate into granting Marshall Aid (31 March 1948)

Causes [memory word:…


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