The Ghost Road chpt 8

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  • The Ghost Road Chpt 8
    • Pg 116 “reddening as it sank, a brutal, bloody disc” connotations of war
    • Pg 117 “Always, in a high fever, his visual memory returned giving him a secret, obscurely shameful pleasure in being ill” Oxymoron
    • Pg 120 “And with that realisation, the whole frame of social and moral rules that keep individuals imprisoned...”Logic of religion
    • Pg 122 "But Hocart, a baby himself saw no need for mercy” youth is youth - a young mans war
    • Pg 125 “whooping cough, measles, diphtheria, chicken pox, scarlet fever - all were fatal here. And the mission boat carried them from island to island” Ignorance of the west - Destruction/ death + disaster
    • Pg 125 “We don’t want to be too far away. If we’re isolated we’ll be frightening. The wicked witch lives in the wood, remember
    • Pg 128 Nijru is another Rivers
    • Pg 129 “Sexual intercourse between unmarried people was very free” Feminist theory prostitution wasn’t criticised. Sex pivotal in all societies
    • Pg 130 - 131 theme of ghosts
    • Pg 132 “When Ange Mate came upon a man sleeping she forced him to have sex with her” dominant female - feminist theory
    • Pg 132 “death, funerary rites and skull houses belonged to Hobart, ghosts, sex, marriage and kinship to Rivers” Connection between life and death and making them the same
    • On Eddystone sex and ghosts go together
    • Eddystone reduced society lost their rituals and morals


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