The Ghost Road Chpt 14

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  • The Ghost Road Chpt 14
    • Pg 203 Newspaper report headline and sub-headline “Huns wait for the Bayonet” Very jingoism, propaganda
    • pg 204 “after a few minutes, the newspaper with its headlines shrieking about distant battles slipped sighing to the floor” personification
    • Pg 204 “Negea’s skull, jammed into the v of a cleft stick, bleached in the sun” Theme of ceremony most powerful chief
    • Pg 207 “at which all the young women were free” irony the women aren’t really free
    • Pg 207 “The stones were called tomate patu, stone ghosts, and were erected as memorial to men who died and whose bodies could not be brought home” reflects unknown soldiers graves
    • Pg 207 “It showed the genealogies, the decline in the birth rate from one generation to the next - the island’s population was less than half what it had been om Rinambesi’s youth” Women on Eddystone refuse to have kids if they only work for white men
    • Pg 208 Kundatite links to pg 78 sayonce
    • Pg 2011 “By now the room was full of whistles, slithering up and down the walls and all across the floor” Imagery animal like


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