The Ghost Road chpt 7

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  • Chapter 7 The Ghost Road
    • First person narrative - dairy entries suggests after his death Billy’s dairy was found
      • Theme of memories
    • pg 107 sexual connotations very typical of Billy
    • Billy has a class consiousness - he’s fearful of his left wing father who he disagrees with
      • pg 109 examples of class    consciousness - sense of greatness being a solider - example of Marxism
    • pg 110 Billy talks about his relationship with Manning, hints at his sexuality suggests he doesn’t want to be close with someone
    • Shows what a detached character he is
    • Pg 112 foreshadows Hallet’s death
    • Pg 113 Shows the father and son relationship between Billy and Hallet, contrasts Billy and Rivers
    • Prior disagrees with war but constantly goes back because no one can explain why they went/go to war
    • Pg 114 Ambiguous how old do you have to be for war
    • Pg 115 “stunted pipes” metaphor which reflects the youth in war
    • Last line in the chapter reflects the start of the chapter - idea of living on after death. Barkers way of showing how many writers there were in WW1


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