The Kite Runner chpt 18

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  • The Kite Runner chpt 18
    • An adult should know better then to commit a sin
    • Baba's sin was a mistake
      • Amir's sin created a series of events and sins
        • However he was a child
    • 'The sun had almost set and left the sky swathed in smothers' Page 207
      • Use of sibilance
        • Amir becomes descriptive again
    • Ali would have never been killed by a land mine if Amir hadn't of kicked them out page 209
    • 'A way to end the cycle'. Page 209
      • Amir having a crisis of conscious
    • Throughout the chapter Amir repeats maybe and but a lot
      • Blaming Baba
      • Reluctant hero
    • 'My actions may have cost Hassan a chance at those very same things'
      • Amir's matured
    • 'He was just a dark silhouette bowing eastward against a bloodred sky. Page 210
      • Pathetic Fallacy
        • Bowing towards his bloodshed country
      • Stereotypical wise man
        • Post-colonialism
          • Links with Njiru in 'The Ghost Road'
            • Both of them don't shy away from conflict
        • Reminds Amir about honour and respect
          • Links to page 134


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