The Ghost Road Chpt 12

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  • The Ghost Road Chpt 12
    • Rivers 3rd person narrative
    • Pg 183 Both Kath and Emele are trapped by their gender
    • Pg 184 “Glimpse of himself in the looking glass” Alice in Wonderland
    • Pg 185 “Logically, we’re dead. Even if we decide we won’t tell the authorities, how do they know we won’t? From their point of view, the only safe thing to do is-“  Irony example of colonisation
    • Pg 185 shows the contrast between Britain and Eddystone (last paragraph)
    • Pg 186 “'Makes you proud to be British, doesn’t it’ ‘ Are you suggesting head-hunting should be allowed?’ ‘No.’ Tight-lipped” Irony war death after death, questions when killing is acceptable - Wansbeck
    • Pg 186 “He sat beside her, admiring the gleam of dull emerald in the cockerel’s neck feathers, as the village came slowly to life.” Dull emerald oxymoron, metaphor for the women being beautified but brought down by men
    • Pg 187 Women only get a choice for when and how they die
    • Pg 189 “there was a curious bronze light in the sky, which became brownish toward evening, as if even the air was singed” Shell of a ghost is a corpse, imagery of a gas bomb
    • Pg 191 “his eyes like black bubbles that at any moment might burst” Bubbles metaphor for memories
    • Pg 191 last paragraph has a sense of innocence and shows how children are sidelined


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