The Kite Runner chpt 16

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  • The Kite Runner chpt 16
    • Shift to Rahim Khan's narrative
      • Links with 'The Ghost Road'
        • Postmodernism
    • Page 191 shows the friendship Baba and Ali had
      • Reflects Amir and Hassan
        • Ali and Hassan both servants and below Amir and Baba
    • '"What will Amir agha think?"' he said to me. "What will he think when he comes back to Kabul after the war and finds that I have assumed his place in the house?"' Page 193
      • Hassan has remained selflessness
        • Sticks with social boundaries between Pashtuns and Hazara's
    • In comparison to The Ghost Road the narrative in this chapter feels less forced
    • Reader relies on the introspective from Rahim Khan
      • We trust him more then Amir as a narrator as he is much more focused on telling the story instead of his emotions
    • Sohrab connects Afghanistan and America
      • Connects Amir with Hassan


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