The Ghost Road Chpt 16

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  • The Ghost Road chpt 16
    • Pg 223 “Lifting patients. It just seems bloody ridiculous a great big chap like me siting around doing nothing while some poor little nurse struggles to lift a twelve-stone man on her own” Division between soldiers and nurses, shows how unorganised people were al the end of war
    • Pg 226 “‘A projection of my own mind’” Wansbeck questions his own sanity, ghosts are a projection of human problems links to Eddystone
    • Pg 226 “‘All right, it’s an endless second’” Oxymoron
    • Pg 228 “he suffered from a deep sense of shame and failure” The shame of having shellshock, Moffett thinks he could of done more
    • Pg 229 “Siegfried’s apparitions vanished as soon as he agreed to give up his protest and go back to France” Sassoon can’t feel guilty for killing unlike Wansbeck who kill an unarmed man
    • Pg 229 “A lesser man would have borne this better” Ironically someone with a conscious would feel guilty
    • “restrained English rain but a downpour, a gurgling splatter that flooded the tent” Pathetic Phallacy sign to go home
    • Pg 233 End of the page shows how Rivers and Njiru are almost the same
    • Pg 234 shows how Nijru is a leader and teacher on Eddystone - theme of leadership
    • Pg 239 “He wondered if he knew Billy Prior, or whether, if he did, he would remember” Narrative structure


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