The Kite Runner Chpt 6

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  • The Kite Runner chpt 6
    • Narrative continuous present tense
      • Amir’s memory
        • Use of listing
          • Childlike
    • “Winter.”
      • Builds suspense
    • “I loved it for the soft patterning of snow against my window at night” pg 46
      • Sensory description
      • Pathetic Fallacy
        • Assef’s cold deed
    • Kites = freedom
      • Links with motif of birds in ‘The Ghost Road'
        • ‘The Ghost Road’ birds aren’t held back by a sting = more freedom
          • Mournful freedom through death
      • Freedom of traditions
      • Hints Afghanistan will be free which it is - context
      • Irony Hassan has talent as a kite runner but no talent
        • Hassan is trying to chase his freedom
    • “But there was soothing fascinating- albeit in a sick way-about teasing Hassan” pg 50
      • Shows the cruel side to Amir and the power he has over Hassan
    • “And that’s the thing about people who mean everything they say. They think everyone else does too.” pg 51
      • Makes reader question Amir as a reader.
    • “He was so goddamn pure, you always felt like a phony around him.” pg 54
      • Narrative sympathy
    • “He had to pick it up. I won, but as I shuffled for a new game, I had the distinct suspicion that Hassan had let me win” pg 55
      • Amir’s jealousy foreshadows the chain reaction of events


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