The Ghost Road chpt 1

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  • The  Ghost Road chpt 1
    • Billy's stream of conciousness
      • He says what he thinks about people
        • Very honest
      • 3rd person narrative
      • He is very sarcastic
        • Use of colloquial langauge
          • Working class background
            • Now considered middle class due to ranking of officer
    • Billy's tone when talking about businessmen is very bitter
      • He doesn't like men who haven't fought on the front
      • Sickened by anyone who is safe from war
    • 'However carefully you tiptoed back from that final paddle, your legs got coated all over again, and the towel always hurt' page 3
      • Metaphor for war and shellshock
    • Page 4 example of working class dialect
      • Use of colloquial language
    • Page 4 shows the effects war has on a women when her husband goes to war or is killed
      • Her status is destoryed
    • "his lust was too blatant to be flattering" page 4
      • Billy views Louie as a sexual object
    • "If he'd been a private she'd have asked him what the bloody hell he thought he was gawping at." Page 5
      • Social boundaries as an officer
    • 'the bosses' page 6
      • Metaphor for war
    • The doctors appointment shows how Billy uses sarcasm as a way of coping
    • Page 12 shows how desperate men used to be to join the way


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