The Ghost Road Chpt 10

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  • The Ghost Road chpt 10
    • Pg 155  “He lay in his hall, watching the scare ghost turn and turn in the draught, and his life lay, it seemed to Rivers like a dandelion clock on the palm of his open hand” Echos soldiers waiting for death - theme of time
    • Pg 155 “Rivers said goodbye to him, promised to see him again tomorrow, though he knew he wouldn’t” Juxtaposes Britain's attitude towards death, Eddystone accept death
    • Pg 157 “Mali was a girl of thirteen who’d recently retired to the menstrual hut for the first time. When she’d re-emerged, five days later arrangements for her defloration were already well in hand. A young man Runi” Theme of ceremony and ritual, men and women separated - reflects Britain during the war. In Eddystone women have no say
    • Pg 157 “Whispers quite close by. A startled cry, almost a yelp, then grunts, groans, moans, a long crescendo of sobbing cries”  ****
    • Theme of ceremony throughout this chapter pages 157,158, 160, 161, 162, 163,  164
    • Pg 162 “The path up to the mountain, like all the paths on the island, was so narrow that they had to go in single file” metaphor walking the path to death alone, echoes war
    • Pg 167 “Like blood flowing from a wound under water” Theme of injury links back to Moffett
    • Pg 168 “All night he’d had bats clinging to the inside of the walls of his skulls” Metaphor for the memories Rivers can’t remember
    • Pg 170 Rivers and Nijru have learn’t to be themselves in the cave because of each other and the fact they accept each others cultures
    • Pg 170 “The blowing on the conch, he said, signifies the completion of a successful raid” - Foreshadows the end of war links back to the ‘Last Post'


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