The Ghost Road Chpt 11

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  • The Ghost Road Chpt 11
    • Prior is becoming more aware that war is becoming much fiercer and is changing as it’s getting closer to the end
    • Pg 171 “We live in taboos - a sort of cross between a cowshed and an outdoor privy” Conditions of WW1, Metaphor for soldiers being put away until needed to fight
    • Pg 171 “In fact mud and duckboards are about the only familiar things left” theme - loss of identity
    • Pg 171 “I’ve got a permanent feeling of wrongness at the nape of my neck” Barker heightening the tension because war is close to ending"
    • Pg 172 “I’m used to a war where one scurries about below the ground like a mole or a rat” Simile, Billy jokes about death. Barker influenced by the language Owen uses in his poems
    • Pg 172 “but the fact that the strain has to be borne in conditions of immobility, passivity and helplessness” Intertextuality ‘Exposure’ by Wilfred Owen
    • Pg 173 “The men’s reward was compulsory games” Oxymoron the reward is compulsory - war is a game
    • Pg 173 “Te ball seemed to fly across the lowering sky like a drenched, heavy, reluctant bird. The men were coated in mud, plumes of stream rising from their mouths” Simile, animalistic
    • Pg 174 “‘What’s it for dad?’ And he said ‘It’s for whatever you’ve done that you think you’ve got away with it.’” - War is a punishment for something they don’t know what they’ve done
    • Pg 176 “it suddenly struck me that soldiers’ nakedness has a quality of pathos not merely because the body is so obviously vulnerable, but because they put on dignity and anonymity with their clothes and for most people, civilians, most of the time, the reverse is true”  Theme loss of identity, same clothes unite soldiers
    • Pg 179 “Sometimes when they’re alone at night you hear laughter. Not often” As a soldier Billy is isolated from the rest of the men - Marxist reading
    • Pg 180 the Gas attack features imagery from Wilfred Own


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