Impacts of Hosting Global Sporting Events

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  • Impacts of hosting global sporting events
    • Political
      • Positive
        • Political individuals/parties can gain credit/votes for a successful bid
        • Unity within a country and a sense of purpose
        • Shop Window effect, raising global status, attracting more investment and trade
      • Negative
        • Political disadvantage to overspending
        • Political disadvantage to disasters/protests by athletes
        • Poor performance can reflect badly on the ruling political party
        • Negative environmental impact
    • Sporting
      • Positive
        • New/upgraded venues
        • Raises profile of the sport
        • Attention for minority sports
        • Increase in funding for involved sport
        • Increase in sponsorship and commercial income for individuals and GBs
      • Negative
        • Overall downward participation trend despite short bursts
        • Unused facilities
        • Lesser known sports can be under-resourced and lose participation figures
        • Deviance highlighted more
    • Social
      • Positive
        • More money for the city/country to improve public services
        • Sense of pride and well being
        • Improved transport systems
        • Greater accomodation
      • Negative
        • Some areas of a country/city won't benefit as much as others
        • Locals may have to vacate land
    • Economic
      • Positive
        • Increase in income to host city/country to boost economy
        • More jobs created through facilities and transport
        • Increase in tourism
        • Commercial benefits within the area of an event
      • Negative
        • Bidding is an expensive process, especially if failed
        • Events can cost more than the revenue made, and go over budget
        • Benefits for employment are exaggerated, and quickly dry up
        • Sponsors affected by dysfunctional behavior


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