Advantages and disadvantages of hosting Olympics

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Social Advatages

. It is national building so promotes patriotism

. re-generation of disadvantaged areas

. Improved facilities for the local community

. The athletes accomerdation can then be used forresidents afterwards

. Infrastructure developments for transport and housing

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Social disadvantages

. homes and businesses demolished and relocated

. Other important social issues are under funded as a result

. Only neibouring communities benefit from new facilities 

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Economic advantages

. Encourages tourism which boosts the economy

. Creates employment 

. Profits made through ticket sales and merch

. Infrastructure developements which benefit host cities business e.g. people more likely to use transport like trains if they run on time

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Economic disadvantages

. Debt 

. Higher taxes

.jobs are only tempary

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Sporting advantages

. Improved facilities

. Increase in funding for athletes and sports

. Brings commercial sponsership

. Role models created = greater participation = healthier nation = less strain on the NHS

. More funding  = more medals won

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Sporting disadvantages

. Pressure on performers to succeed

. Deviancy= doping

. Legacy of unused sport facilities

. Funding is not focused on all sports e.g. Basketball recieved very little funding after the 2012 Olympics

. Improved particpation rates are not a garentee

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Political advantages

. Shop window effect - using major global sporting events to highlight the country and attract more investment and trade

. improves the reputation of the government if the games is sucessful = leads to more votes at the next election

. It puts political differences aside and unites the country

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Political disadvantages

. Terrorists threats 

. Political protests which are embarrising

. If host nation performs poorly it reflects negativly on the political party in power

. If the legacy of the game isn't achieved = public upheaval due to large investment in the games

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