Hosting Global Sporting Events

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Hosting Global Sporting Events:

Positives and negatives

  • Sporting impacts
  • Social impacts
  • Economic impacts 
  • Political impacts 

Sporting Impacts-POSITIVES

  • Raises the profile of the sport
  • New/upgraded sporting venues often built for the event
  • An event can focus attention on minority sports
  • Increase in funding to certain sports/sports involved 
  • Increase sponsorship & commercial income for individual participants 

Sporting Impacts-NEGATIVES

  • Short bursts of participation,can then lead to gradual decline in those involved
  • Facilities used for event can end up not being used
  • Lesser known non-global sports can sufffer
  • Sports deviance more likely to be highlighted via media

Social Impacts-POSITIVES

  • More money brought into the city/country,can be used to improve/support local services
  • Can give pride to host nation/city,can help with 'nation building'
  • Improved use of sport facilities by local communities
  • Improved transport systems
  • Accomodation & other facilities built for event can be used by community 

Social Impacts-NEGATIVES

  • Some areas of country may not get same facility benefits as host city
  • Some areas of host country do not benefit from the improvements in infrastructure/transport systems
  • Local inhabitants may have to vacate land being used for sports venues,for example


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