World Games

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  • World Games
    • any sporting events that takes place at world, continental or regional level
    • Key characteristics
      • involves elite performers
      • single or multi-sport
      • requires pre-event qualification
      • 'shop window' benefits for host country
      • highly commercialised
      • high levels of sponsorship
      • development of top sports facilities
      • improved infrastrcture
      • large number of spectators
    • Impact on individuals
      • performers are highly motivated to succeed
      • they wish to test themselves against the best
      • they wish to fulfil their potential
      • they gain pride and satisfaction from representing their country
      • strive to meet expectations of peers, coaches etc.
      • spectators or performers may be inspired by role models
      • spectators feel pride in their country after successful international performances
    • Impact on Country
      • 'shop window' effect placing the country in international limelight
        • increases status of host country
      • beneficial effect on tourism
      • provides a stimulus for development of sports facilities and infrastructure improvements
      • can be used to increase levels of participation in sport
      • national pride
      • promotes social inclusion, and improves cultural relationships
    • Drawbacks
      • costs of event can far exceed revenue leading to debts
      • if the event does not run well there can be damaging press coverage
      • increased terrorism threats
      • homeowners disrupted to accommodate infrastructure developments


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