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2. what is the definition of analogue?

  • Analogue is a electrical current
  • analogue is what is transferred into electrical magnetic waves
  • Analogue is the information which is translated into electrical pulses of varying amplitude (wave)
  • analogue is the wave that is being transferred into electrical currents

3. what are some devices that are used to access digital media?

  • Mobile Phones, Laptops, Game Consoles, Tablets, MP3 Player, MP4 Player
  • ipads, radio, tv, dvd players, tvs,

4. what is a media platform?

  • media platform is a digital way for media to be distributed and accessed
  • media platform is a way for media to be used by the public
  • media platform is a way the public can use media at all times

5. what is the definition of synergy?

  • Synergy is the simultaneous (at the same time) release of different products at the same time to boost both. Synergy can be used most often by bigger companies as the different elements then work together to promote linked products across different m
  • synergy is when a company works with another company to come up with an idea for a product
  • synergy is wehn two companys join together to think of an idea, to release a product
  • synergy is when a company relases a brand new product to their specific target audience


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