Media studies revision


Audiences and media products

Media studies

  • Audiences and media products: 
  • Key terms: Market research, this is when businesses gather information about their audience and the audiences needs.
  • Focus research, this is when a small group of people are questioned about a product and the business learn from them (the audience) what they liked and didn't liked
  • Segmented audience, this is a small segmented audience, quite specific, eg 16-30 year olds.
  • Mainstream audience, this is the mass audience, the majority of people that will "follow the croud" and do whats "popular" or "normal". This is based upon the majority of people. 
  • Niche audience, this is a small specific audience in which the product is specific to the audience and meets their needs (price, quality etc), e.g 7-10 year old boys.
  • How do broadcasting companies do market research? This is done by a market research group who select a small


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