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Analogue and Digital

Analogue - information is translated into electrical pulses of varying amplitude (wave)

• Digital - information is translated into binary numbers (zero or one)

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Unit 1: Digital Media Sectors and Audiences Sectio

Digital media sectors and synergy

  • Sectors •
  • Moving image (Film / Video and TV)
  • • Audio
  • • Publishing
  • • Websites
  • • Games
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Digital media sectors and synergy

Definition of synergy 

Synergy is the simultaneous (at the same time) release of different products at the same time to boost both. Synergy can be used most often by bigger companies as the different elements then work together to promote linked products across different media 

                                                           Website                             Audiences

                                            Film Production Company  

                          Games                                                Audio


Consider the advantages of cross-media synergy on media producers?

• Raises awareness of the product to a wider audience / demographic

• Increased revenue = Maximise profit

• Utilising each others skills

• Allows a wider distribution by using all media platforms available 

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Media products and processes

 Create a list of the types of digital media products within each sector

Sector                                     Products                   

Film/video  Films, trailers, documentaries, animations, corporate or training videos

  TV   Drama, adverts, light entertainment shows, music videos, news programmes, factual programmes

  • Audio   Adverts, drama, news and current affairs, light entertainment, podcasts, movie soundtrack 

• Publishing       E-magazines, e-newspapers, posters, flyers, adverts

• Digital Games   Entertainment, educational, fitness, simulation

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Media products and processes Processes

  •   Pre-production
  •  Production
  • post production 
  •  Distribution and exhibition / consumption
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Digital media platforms and devices

Distribution of digital media content / products:

(Moving image / Audio / Publishing / Websites / Digital Games)

Distribution platforms:     TV broadcast


                                      Theatrical / Cinema release

                                             Digital download

                                           Radio broadcast

                                        Blu-ray / DVD / CD

                                           Online content

                                       Webpage Streaming 

Digital media platforms and devices


Convergence = multi-media consumption on a single device


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