Media studies revision


Media studies revision

Media roles (broadcasting):

  • TV broadcast journalist: This role involves verifying and analysing information about news and events and presenting that information in an accurate, impartial and balanced way. The BBC can not present the news in a impartial way unlike other global news companies like Fox and Channel 5 who are lenient and biased.
  • Camera operator: They are responsible for the camera preparations and operations (filming). They support the director of photography.
  • Mixed skilled workers: The media has seen a decrease in jobs recently which is why people who work in the media industry are expected to do more than one job at the same time and be multi-skilled. For example in the print industry journalists may be expected to research, write and edit their own content. They may also be asked to work across a number of different platforms like TV, print and radio.
  • Vision mixer: These…


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